Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


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What are the basic rules of Nonprofit Fundraising Registration?
  • 40 states, including the District of Columbia require some form of nonprofit fundraising registration for nonprofit organizations.
  • Forms, fees and exemptions all vary state by state.
  • Required documents for registration include IRS Form 990, Audited Financial Statements, Board of Directors, Purpose and Programs.
  • Registration is usually done with the Secretary of State or the Office of Attorney General.
  • Registrations and the attachments are all available to the public either on the state website or by request.
Who is required to register?
Any nonprofit that makes or intends to make a charitable solicitation within a state that requires registration must register with that state.

Professional Fundraisers & Consultants must also register.

Is my charity exempt from filing?
Organizations that raise less than $25,000 usually are exempt.  There are also exemptions given to particular categories of nonprofits such as schools, hospitals, and religious organizations.  Many states require exemption registrations.  For more information on if your charity is exempt, contact us for a free consultation.
When should I register?
Nonprofits are required to register prior to conducting solicitation activities or receiving funds within a state.

Organizations must renew each year prior to expiration.  The due dates usually follows the IRS Form 990 Deadline.  Many states grant extensions, but some do not.   A charity must start the registration process a few months before starting soliciting donations in that state to guarantee acceptance.

What is charitable solicitation?
Charitable Solicitation takes two forms: direct and indirect. Solicitation is carried out through:

  • Mail
  • Telephone
  • Personal Contact
  • Special events
  • Internet: email, website
  • Grants
What qualifies as Internet Solicitation?
Internet solicitation includes direct email as well as website Donate buttons.  States are becoming more diligent in regulating internet solicitation.
How do Nonprofits Register?
The registration process varies greatly from state to state.  Forms, fees, and due dates will all be specific to the state you are registering in.  Contact us to help you with the registration process.  For more information on state regulators, please see the “For More Information” tab below.
Where do nonprofits need to register?
Click here to see our interactive state map displaying states that require registration.

For More Information:

National Association of Attorney Generals


The Multi-State Filer Project


National Association of State Charity Officials


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